2022 Annual Report of the Parliamentary Ombudsman available in English

Publiceret 19-06-2023

The Parliamentary Ombudsman visits psychiatric wards as part of his monitoring activities, and in that context he looks into the use of force and various forms of non-statutory interventions towards the patients.

In the Ombudsman’s 2022 Annual Report, you will find more about the Ombudsman’s focus on the legal framework for precisely the use of force and non-statutory interventions towards psychiatric patients.

The Annual Report also contains an interview with a consultant at a psychiatric ward who relates what it is like to be visited by the Ombudsman’s monitoring staff.

10 years with the Children’s Division

The Annual Report also contains an article about the Ombudsman’s Children’s Division, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in the autumn of 2022. The article is about some of the Children’s Division’s most important cases as well as about the improvements in the rights of children that the Division has helped achieve.

In addition, the Annual Report contains a number of main points in some of the most important cases that the Ombudsman has dealt with in 2022.

The Annual Report also contains statistical information on the Ombudsman’s work.

Read the Parliamentary Ombudsman’s 2022 Annual Report here

Find more information about the Ombudsman’s work in 2022 at en.ombudsmanden.dk.

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Director of International Relations, Klavs Kinnerup Hede, kkh@ombudsmanden.dk