The Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman

Gammeltorv 22
DK-1457 Copenhagen K

Telephone number: +45 33 13 25 12
EAN number: 5798000016262
CBR-number: 33 94 63 84

Telephone hours: Monday-Thursday 9-15 and Friday 9-14

Personal enquiries: Tuesday and Thursday 10-14. Mondays in odd weeks 10-14. 

Please notice the following in connection with enquiries in person at the Ombudsman institution:

  • Please do not show up if you have symptoms of COVID-19, a cold, fever or the like.
  • Our reception area can only accommodate two visitors at a time. If the number of persons waiting to speak to us exceeds two persons, we ask you to wait in our yard until our visiting room is available.

Please also notice:

  • Your case will not be processed during the talk.
  • The legal case officer you are talking with is not necessarily going to be processing your case.
  • The Ombudsman determines which complaints (or parts of complaints) he will investigate. This is stipulated in the Ombudsman Act. 
  • The Ombudsman cannot make a new decision in your case.

Further information: Your talk with a staff member at the Ombudsman institution 

Irrespective of how you contact the Parliamentary Ombudsman, we always ask you to state your full name and your postal address. As part of our case processing, we need to know who contacts us.

In most cases, we will send you a reply via Digital Post. Therefore, we ask you to write to us via Digital Post (with digital signature and encryption), if possible.

The Ombudsman cannot consider anonymous complaints. This is stipulated in Section 13(2) of the Parliamentary Ombudsman Act.

If you want to complain to the Ombudsman, you can use our complaint form.

Digital Post

If you want to send us an e‑mail, we recommend that you use Digital Post, which you can access at for instance

Digital Post is secure (encrypted), and the identity of the sender is certain.

If you write to us via Digital Post, we will also reply to you in this way. We will send you a confirmation within 10 business days.  

Unsecure e‑mail

The Ombudsman’s e‑mail address is

We can receive your complaint in an unsecure e‑mail, but we can normally not reply to you in that way. Therefore, it is important that you also state your full name and postal address, so we can reply to you in a letter sent via the postal service.

You will receive an automatic confirmation that your e‑mail has been received.

Attached files

You are welcome to send us files in common formats such as pdf, doc, docx, jpg, xps and png. Please do not send files in a format that requires special programmes in order to open the files. This may delay the processing of your complaint, and you may be asked to send the material again in another format.

Documents must be sent as attachments to our Danish complaint form or an e‑mail or via Digital Post. We do not open documents that have been sent via a link to a cloud-based solution.

Klavs Kinnerup Hede
Director of International Relations

Johan Klingberg Müller
Legal Case Officer